Our Network


Fibre Optics has long been recognised as the ideal carrier for data, due to its efficiency over long distances, its large bandwidth capability, security and the quality of signal due to immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Our fibre connections offer a point-to-point connection directly from your business, to us as your ISP. We will deliver your Internet traffic at speeds of up to 10Gb per second down your own dedicated fibre channel. This is our premium connection type and is what is recommended for companies that have high availability requirements.

We have partnered with a number of fibre providers to offer this service to you. Please note: fibre connectivity may not be available at your location and depends on your proximity to our fibre networks.

Our prices are quoted on a per-job basis, on account of the multiple factors involved in setting up the connection and in order to offer you the best pricing plan that meets your requirements.


We also offer UFB GPON fibre services from Chorus, Ultrafast and Enable which can be provisioned either as high speed internet services, as links into a private WAN or both. This platform enables us to deliver cost effective and reliable connections at the price sensitive end of the market and also low latency and high bandwidth for demanding applications up to 1Gb per second.

Private Networks

If your business is spread across multiple locations, we can help bring your company’s offices together with a private network. Enjoy all of the regular advantages of a local network such as Intranet, file sharing, or internal email servers across all of your locations nationally or internationally.

Using your existing Internet infrastructure as a conduit, or using private circuits, we can develop secure private networks separated from the rest of the world.

BGP Customers

If you require BGP to meet your reliability or traffic engineering needs, then we can assist. We are experienced in co-existing with other service providers for redundancy in mission critical environments. You can either use the tools we provide to do this yourself or we can build and operate the solution for you. We have a full set of BGP communities which we make available to our customers which will enable you to have the same control over your traffic that we have.


ACSData is proud to have an open peering policy and we peer directly with all reasonable providers on request. We peer directly with every major ISP in New Zealand. We also connect directly to the largest peering points in Australia and the USA being Equinix, ANY2, NSW-IX and NYIIX. In New Zealand, we peer directly with WIX, APE and AKLIX.

We peer directly with Microsoft in Wellington, Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York. We peer with Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Akamai and many more in both Sydney and Los Angeles.